iTronCopter Swift

  • Up to 25 minutes of endurance
  • Max speed of 10 m/s
  • Up to 4 Km Range
  • Up to 300gm Payload Capacity

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Machine Vision

Identifying and tracking objects with AI based computer vision to achieve application oriented tasks.


Lightweight design makes it easier for the operator to carry it to different locations with ease for missions.

Multiple payload options

The design supports multiple payloads which are easily swappable as per mission’s requirement.

User Friendly Deployment

The processes of assembling and take-off is user friendly, making it easier for operators from different industries to master it.

Fail – Safe features

Fail safe features such as return to home in high wind conditions and low battery.

NPNT Enabled

‘No Permission No Take-off’ compliant as per DGCA guidelines.

Industries & Applications

Oil & Gas

Helps in improving the safety of site & savings on maintenance costs.


Planning & monitoring of on going projects and timely inspection of structures for defects.


Surveillance of new projects, railway inventory & inspection of existing infrastructure.

Police force

Difficult tasks such as crowd management, public announcements can be easily achieved.

Asset Inspection

Inspection of industrial assets such as factory building and heavy equipment for structural integrity.

Solar Plant, Wind Turbine & Power

Timely inspection of these valuable structures for damages or failure helps in reducing risks to human life and savings in inspection time.