iTronCopter enVision

  • Up to 1 hour endurance
  • Max speed of 10 m/s
  • Up to 20 Km Range
  • 5Kg or more Payload Capacity

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Robust build quality

Designed to perform in tough conditions without compromising on accurate data output.

Fly more

With up to 1 hour of endurance time, cover larger areas.

Multiple payload options

The design supports multiple payloads which are easily swappable as per mission’s requirement.

High Performance

With more battery time and weight carrying capacity, it becomes perfect for flying in difficult situations.

Fail – Safe features

Fail safe features such as return to home in high wind conditions and low battery.

NPNT Enabled

‘No Permission No Take-off’ compliant as per DGCA guidelines.

Industries & Applications


Border monitoring and inspecting areas of threat remotely to prepare a plan of action.

Disaster Management

Monitoring the area and collecting valuable data for assessing the damage and provide essential commodities for relief & rescue mission.


Delivery of packages by ecommerce and super-mart vendors, essential items to difficult locations.

Wild Life Monitoring

Monitor & prepare plans against illegal activities in forest areas that endanger animal life.

Asset Inspection

Inspection of industrial assets such as factory building and heavy equipment for structural integrity.

Solar Plant, Wind Turbine & Power

Timely inspection of these valuable structures for damages or failure helps in reducing risks to human life and savings in inspection time.




Spray tank