iTronSmartNav – Prima Series

  • Up to 300kg payload
  • Max speed of 1m/s
  • High performance LiFePo4 battery
  • Autonomous/Natural Navigation

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App Based Navigation

Control AMR at the tip of your fingers for easy handling & giving commands.

Obstacle Avoidance

With dynamic and static obstacle avoidance system using LIDAR & 3D Camera, we ensure safety at work environment.

Task allocation Scheduling & Path Planning

Allocate tasks and schedule their timings on our AMR along with path planning which allows you to choose the most optimum route.

Multiple Automation Attachments

Change your attachments on the go as per your requirement. Compatible with trolleys, lifting racks, etc.

Bi-Directional Movement

Allows swift movement between dedicated stations in a facility wherein space is an issue.

Centralized Monitoring System

Access to remote controlling & monitoring of our AMR activities, thus providing you more control, planning and accessibility.

Industries & Applications


Designed to meet warehouse material movement requirements with all the safety measures in place.

Manufacturing Facility

Hassle free deployment keeping in mind the facility’s layout. Movement of heavy components made simpler.

Chemical Plants

Hazardous chemicals safe movement without endangering human life.

Food & Beverage

Packaged food’s increasing demand leads to requirement of faster material movement to keep up with the schedule.


Safe and autonomous movement of passenger & luggage from point A to point B.

Hospitals & Service Industry

Enhance customer experience by deploying these robots for sanitization & material movement tasks.


Lifting Mechanism